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Unnecessary healthcare costs are reduced through the implementation of effective procedures, processes and mechanisms.
Service providers and clients are provided with appropriate information, care and support.
Healthcare management is addressed from the level of primary care. Costly medical procedures are avoided by encouraging patients to make use of ambulatory or out-of-hospital services as a first option.
Programmes that facilitate disease management help clients control the progression of certain diseases to reduce their risks.
We provide an individualised, personalised service through a 24-hour authorisation centre that is accessible 24/7/365, and the option of making use of a "please call me" service to reduce costs for low-income clients.
Rx Health focuses on being customer-driven, client-centric and sensitive to language and cultural barriers.
Advice counselling services are provided by a team of qualified staff. Consultants are from diverse ethnic and racial groups, and are able to provide assistance to clients of all South Africa's language groups.
The appropriate use of medicines according to a set formulary, which is reviewed annually, gives members access to medication that is formulated according to the latest evidence-based research.
Services can be integrated with workplace wellness programmes.


We're market leaders in risk management both through providing effective risk and clinical management polices to the lower-income client, as well as providing employer groups with a holistic solution to the management of risks. We are continuously improving cost-effective management strategies and working on continuous staff development in order to provide an improved quality of service to our clients.


We assist our clients in achieving their desired level of risk and clinical mangement outcomes, and to coordinate healthcare information in order to improve risk management. We do this by implementing a holistic approach to management practises in the healthcare environment.